Vermentino – mangiare bene


Gourmets coming to Gallura find strong, traditional flavours with, perhaps, a good glass of Vermentino. A traditional Gallura dish is the suppa cuata or zuppa gallurese, prepared with slices of dry bread, soft cheese, nutmeg and parsley, moistened with mutton broth and baked. In the end, it looks like a soufflé.

The traditional delicacies include li puligioni, ravioli with a ricotta and grated lemon peel filling. Seasoned with tomato sauce and pecorino cheese. li fiuritti, handmade durum wheat pasta ribbons, are also worth trying.

Other local specialities include the tasty panadas di Oschiri, little fine pasta cases with a filling of lake eel or meat, usually baked in the oven.

Other traditional dishes are lu pulceddu di latti, piglet baked in the oven or on a spit, and rivea, pieces of lamb or kid entrails cooked slowly on a spit.

Of course, there is cured meat and cheese while the coastal areas of the province are well-known for fish dished; in Santa Teresa di Gallura, there are various lobster-based dishes.

The sweets and cakes from the area between Ogliastra and Gallura include seadas, cheese-filled pasta cases covered in honey. Other traditional local sweets and cakes include li papassini galluresi, diamond-shaped with a white glacé, and li casciatini (also known as formaggelle), pasta filled with ricotta, cheese, egg, sugar and grated lemon.