Vernaccia – vivere il mare


The province of Oristano is the promised land for the cultivation of Vernaccia vines and has a very varied landscape. It ranges from the vast Campidano plain to the Monte Ferru massif to the Sinis Peninsula between Is Arenas bay to the north and the Gulf of Oristano to the south. The low sandy beaches alternate with limestone cliffs, rocky coasts with sheer, high continuous walls.

Sea-lovers are spoilt for choice; the beaches of Is Arutas, Mari Ermi and Maimoni, formed over millions of years by the erosion of the granite of the island of Malu Entu (or Mal di Ventre) draw many visitors. The beach of Malu Entu is made of multi-coloured quartz crystals with dominant notes of white and pink. One of the most iconic places in the Sardinian landscape is S’archittu, famous for the natural, rocky arch that gives the beach its name and diving board for dozens of daring teenagers every summer. The double beach of this beautiful place near Oristano is fine and clear with a shallow, sandy seabed and some rocks and stones both on the shore and in the water.

People who like lidos with all comforts can choose Torre Grande beach, the best equipped on the shoreline of Oristano, in the centre of the west coast of Sardinia. It is long and deep, perfect for relaxing with the family, happy evenings with music but also for active holidays swimming, diving, jogging, horse riding, cycling or skating.