Bovale – attività all’aperto


Gennargentu, the majestic mountain range with the highest peaks (Punta La Marmora 1834 m and Bruncu Spina 1828 m) in the island, towers over the heart of Sardinia. In the north, Supramonte pushes down until it almost reaches Nuoro and, in the south, the wide Flumendosa valley.

A panorama of the whole island can be enjoyed from Gennargentu, an area of pure air, rugged landscapes and uncontaminated, luxuriant forests, flavours of the mountains and little villages that encrust them like gems. Gennargentu bewitches and conquers travellers with its inestimable natural heritage but also its versatility in all seasons seeing that it’s perfect for day trips in spring and summer while it becomes a spectacular theatre for downhill skiing, possible in various places, including Fonni, when the peaks are whitened by snow in winter.

Animal lovers will be privileged here as mouflon, Sardinian foxes, weasels, boars and also sparrowhawks, peregrine falcons, griffons and eagles can still be seen. In other words, it’s a paradise for photography fans and birdwatchers. On the other hand, there are also caverns of extraordinary beauty where speleologists can venture in complete safety.
You can stop and drink from the pure, fresh springs, see blossom of rare beauty and venture into deep gullies and canyons on trips out. Your eyes will be charmed by the fascinating colours that mark the seasons – the silvery, winter reflections, the dashes of intense spring and summer green that turn into the yellow and reddish colours of autumn.