Bovale – vivere il mare


For many people, Sardinia means the sea but wine-lovers seeking Bovale vines travel to the interior of the island with great naturalist attractions. The province of Nuoro is an area to explore and get to know from all sides. Here the unique region is divided into two main areas – one just beyond the coastal strip, granitic in origin with high hills (up to 700 metres) deep in Mediterranean scrub and holm oak and cork oak woods, and the other on the slopes of the mountains, which emerges in coastal area and includes the coastal towns Dorgali, Orosei and Siniscola.

Mandrolisai is an ancient, historic sub-region between Barbagia and Barigadu in the centre of Sardinia. It features uplands interrupted by deep valleys of pastureland with luxuriant cork and chestnut woods.

Nature is the absolute star of this area with splendid, little-populated landscapes of mountains and hills that thrill the visitor. The ideal place to discover the many naturalist attractions, especially for people who like to move in such an environment and look at the distinctive features of the local flora and fauna.
Sea-lovers can be reassured – the coast of the province of Nuoro offers marvellous beaches and inlets including Capo Comino, Cala Liberotto and Santa Lucia.