Bresca Dorada


Località Cann’ e Frau Muravera – (SU) Sardegna
+39 070 7054775 – +39 070 9949163
Instagram: bresca_dorada

Bresca Dorada, founded in 1985, sits in an uncontaminated valley between the sea and the mountains, in the municipality of Muravera, on a 6.5-hectare plot in whose buildings the processing of fruits and herbs for the production of liqueurs takes place: the very particular red myrtle, lemon and orange liqueurs, but also vermouth, gin, jams, juices and flavoured salts.

All Bresca Dorada specialties are produced exclusively from local raw materials, without the addition of flavourings or dyes, in full respect of the territory and the island’s gastronomic culture, in an ongoing effort to create innovative products without neglecting the authentic, tasty and genuine Sardinian spirit.

The company, certified organic, is always conscious of the well-being of the environment and only uses energy produced from renewable sources.


Liqueurs produced: Mirto Rosso, Mirto Verde, Arangiu, Limoncino, Mandarino, Fico d’India, Matafalua, Mirtamaroma also specialties such as Gin and Vermouth.