Cagnulari – attività all’aperto


A beach holiday can be enriched by other incredible experiences in the province of Sassari. Just go in search of, for example, the crystalline sea and wild, uncontaminated area of Asinara Island.

A penal colony and maximum security prison until 1998, the whole island was declared Asinara National Park in 2002. If you return to Sardinia, and the Alghero coast in particular, there is the Capo Caccia Marine Area and its promontory, where precious natural treasures are safeguarded. These include Neptune’s Grotto, which will amaze visitors. Whether access is made from the land or sea, the subterranean world of the Grotto is fairy-tale and able to hide then reveal the water of Lake Lamarmora, one of the largest saltwater lakes in Europe, framed by imposing stalagmite colonnades and evocative formations.

The visit to the Grotto starts well and ends better with access to the Music Stand, an evocative balcony that gives a view from above of the Reggia area and Lake Lamarmora.
As in other areas of Sardinia, the north-west of Sardinia gives water sports fans plenty to get their teeth into with waves that can be surfed for about 200 days a year and excellent quality of the water. On the west coast, the waves are often higher than 3 metres and, in particular conditions, can even reach 4 metres. On the windiest days, Le Saline beach is a meeting point for surfing and windsurfing enthusiasts.

People who want something different from waves and wind in their hands can go diving, go out in sailing boats or have an exciting experience of fishing tourism in contact with expert fishermen to find out the secrets of fishing and local fish species.