Cagnulari – mangiare bene


Eating well in this area is normal. Here, the skilful culinary tradition is the master, just take a quick look at some local dishes. First of all, vegetables have a leading place in Sassari cuisine, with traditional dishes such as the cavolata, a cabbage soup with pork, and favata, also very easy to find in the Romangia area.

Some of the favourite and most requested traditional dishes are: capunara, a local starter prepared with croutons, moistened with water and vinegar on which crustaceans, seafood, boiled eggs and anchovies will be laid, spaghetti with sea urchins, a typical recipe from Alghero to try, especially in winter; Alghero-style paella and Catalan-style lobster. Another dish worth tasting is the Fainè, a dish originally from Liguria now a favourite and widespread in the Sassari area. It is a sort of thin focaccia based on chickpea flour, water and salt. The Fainé is generally flavoured with a dusting of pepper powder immediately taking the baking tray out of the oven.

Zimìno, i.e. calf’s entrails, preferably washed in water and vinegar, grilled then cut into pieces, salted and dusted with pepper powder, is one of the most famous main courses. The dish is eaten hot.

The very well-known Papassinu Nieddu, soft diamond-shaped cakes made with an almond and sultana dough, traditionally prepared for Easter, stand out among local desserts and cakes. Another traditional Easter cake in northern Sardinia worth trying is le tericche; prepared with sapa (cooked must) and sweet almonds.