Cannonau – attività all’aperto


Ogliastra is in the so-called ‘blue area’ of international longevity and, as it neighbours Gennargentu, the residential centres have clean air and a healthy, modest diet. Therefore, it’s better to take a pair of comfy shoes to explore Ogliastra, criss-crossed by paths which please walking enthusiasts, between one tasting and another of Cannonau. There are routes for all tastes – from the more difficult, that satisfy the experts, to the easy ones, ideal for people who love to walk enjoying the attractions of the landscape. A special place not only for hiking but also for people who want to travel on the paths by bicycle or on horseback<strong>; there are long paths from the mountain to the sea leading towards old woods, flowers and wild animals and on to incredibly beautiful inlets where the unique landscape repays the effort made.

The paths not-to-be-missed include those crossing the mountainous areas of Supramonte, others that unwind along the mountains of Gennargentu and yet others that reach the Tacchi d’Ogliastra, with their dolomitic limestone mountains.

Cala Gonone, with its rocky walls much loved by free climbing enthusiasts, is reached by walking along one of the many paths. It’s worth stopping at the Gola di Gorropu (Gorropu Gully), between Ogliastra and Barbagia, Supramonte and the sea. This deep canyon originated through the intense erosion caused by the water of the Rio Flumineddu. More than 500 m deep, it is considered the deepest canyon in Italy and one of the deepest in Europe.