Cannonau – scoprire la cultura


In addition to the incredible sensory stimulus of the landscape, Ogliastra also steeps the visitor in history and culture – go in search of the monuments that have come down to us from past eras, testimonies of great charm and marvel that invite the imagination to go back in time. Places that tell of the links of the inhabitants with their island, a relationship full of harmony and respect that has enabled the beauties of a generous nature to remain unchanged.

Many historic-archaeological testimonies can be found along the paths criss-crossing Ogliastra – nuragos, domus de janas, sacred fountains, the giants’ graves and menhir, a stimulus for anyone with a thirst for knowledge. A trip into history to be made with curious, attentive eyes, to penetrate and be captured by the mysteries from the past.

In addition to the must-sees in the archaeological sites, the old mining centre of Seui, with its interesting industrial archaeology sites, the centre of Tortolì, with its precious Baroque buildings, and Lanusei, with the Ogliastra Diocesan Museum, and other discoveries are well worth visiting.