Via S. Maria, 19 – Samugheo (OR)
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Soberana, enrolled at the registry office in 2019 in the historic region of Mandrolisai, from whence the homonymous DOC. More precisely in Samugheo, one of the seven municipalities of the DOC, the only one in the province of Oristano, known worldwide for textile art and carpets, scrupulously worked by the expert hands of the housewives of Samugheo.

Cantina Soberana, although recently established and new to the market, has a family tradition to draw from for the management and running of the company. From the very beginning, it adopted the concept of “ancient contemporary”. Innovation and technology, and at the same time being rooted in tradition and the territory have been and will continue to be the most important pairing.

An entrepreneurial project with a strong socio-cultural identity, aimed at safeguarding the viticultural heritage of Samugheo and bringing the younger generations closer to the world of quality wine productions.

The wines are derived from “muristellu” (Sardinian bovale), cannonau and monica vines.
Vines that sometimes boast a century of history, and which are the expression of this “authentic experience” that we try to bring to life with our wines, because each of our wines must speak of Mandrolisai.


Area under vines: 3 hectares
Output: 15,000 bottles
Vines cultivated: Cannonau, Monica, Bovale sardo, Mandrolisai DOC
Wines produced: Mandrolisai Red DOC, Mandrolisai Red DOC Superiore, Rosé IGT Isola dei Nuraghi, red table wine.