Carignano – attività all’aperto


Sulcis can give unique feelings to people who want an active life in nature. Just go along the paths of the Park, with its immense forest, to breathe all the wild essence of Sardinia. A sign system guides trippers, who can relax with a healthy walk, deep in an uncontaminated environment, and be captured by the continuous sensory stimuli of the forest – scents, sightings of wild animals, and trees that are true natural monuments.

A visit to the Su Mannau cave, a Karst complex originating 540 million years ago, isn’t exactly in the open air but is just as exciting. Here, there are two underground rivers, the Placido and the Rapido. The part that can be visited is about 500 m long with various halls, of which the Archaeological Room, in the past used as a Hypogeum Temple dedicated to the cult of the water, an old rite with propitiatory ceremonies, stands out.

People who can’t be separated from feelings linked to the marine environment must go in the direction of the Lido Oasi Azzurra di Porto Pino, a beach with characteristic dunes, with very white sand swept constantly by the wind making it a paradise for lovers of kite surfing, windsurfing, diving and sailing.