Carignano – scoprire la cultura


Sardinia has been populated by civilisations which have left important traces since ancient times. Their mark can still be clearly seen on the land, for example the Phoenicians and Carthaginians who lived on the island a little less than 3,000 years ago, attracted by the underground mineral deposits. Sulcis is studded with the testimony of past eras, with archaeological sites of great interest for history lovers. The Villaperuccio necropolis, Montessu, also known with the name domus de janas and dating to c. 5,000 years ago, has dozens of prehistoric burial structures, tombs excavated from the rock, on the side of a hill.

Don’t miss the Monte Sirai archaeological site, where various stratified layers of history can be seen – a fortified Punic centre built on an old Nuragic settlement and later also used by the Romans. The Antas archaeological area, with many temples, including the majestic Punic-Roman temple built on the remains of a Carthaginian place of worship, is also of interest.

Acquafredda Castle at Siliqua, a mediaeval fortress set on a volcanic hill which became the residence of the Pisan noble Ugolino Della Gherardesca when he became ‘Seigneur’ of this part of Sardinia, is closer in time but nevertheless evocative.