Carignano – vivere il mare


People seeking the Carignano vines reach the south-west point of Sardinia, in the province of Carbonia-Iglesias. The area, which includes the Sulcis archipelago, enchants the visitor by displaying uncontaminated, wild landscape from the interior to the coastal cliffs, with beaches and creeks washed by emerald green water. A paradise for those who want to live by the sea to relax.

There are many local gems and one which stands out is San Pietro Island, also known as the Green Island, one of the oldest tuna-fishing sites known in the Mediterranean. When the visitor leaves San Pietro and returns to Sardinia, they can plunge into the perfumes of the large pine forest of the Gonnesa Coast, with its long, sandy beach, or be enchanted by the Pan di Zucchero Cliff near Masua. People choosing Fontanamare beach will be struck by the greenness of the pine wood, the three kilometres of fine pinkish sand and the Sulcis peaks which soar behind, silent and imposing. The very fine ochre sand of granite quartz on Portixeddu beach, in the municipality of Bugerru, is special as it doesn’t stick to the skin, thus making a stay on the lido even more pleasant and relaxing.

In addition to the crystalline sea, the area has kept its natural environment intact. ‘Sulcis Park’ includes one of the oldest, largest forests in the Mediterranean basin. The plant cover has a priceless naturalistic value and some of the most representative examples of Sardinian fauna can be seen there – deer, goshawks, wild cats and European cave salamanders.