Sardinia Vines

Cannonau Vermentino Carignano Vernaccia Bovale NURAGUS MALVASIA MOSCATO CAGNULARI

We only offer a taste of the journey that can be made through Sardinian vineyards in this section. The hints and suggestions don’t encompass all the infinite opportunities to discover Sardinia and its wines.

Travelling through the Sardinian wine areas means going in discovery of wonders of dazzling beauty.
Understanding a wine in its most authentic essence means understanding the area that has made it unmistakeable, the result of the mysterious alchemy between unique elements – exposure, climate,
natural environment, landscape, people and history. An experience that activates the visitor’s senses, leading him/her to taste and be conquered by the perfumes of a glass of wine but also to look at, get to know and move to grasp the most deeply-hidden, and so most precious, value of the area a wine originates in.

So, keep your eyes open, senses alert and let’s go towards the vineyards of Sardinia, to meet some
of the different ‘terroir’ where they and their distinctive features are cultivated but also to explore the magic of the surrounding areas – the paradisiac beaches with sea of Caribbean transparency, the nature uncontaminated by inebriating perfumes, and the archaeological finds from distant eras.
The delights of local cuisine, made unique by the use of products bearing the PDO or PGI brands like extra-virgin olive oil, spiny artichokes, pecorino cheese, lamb, saffron and the Culurgionis d’Ogliastra, combined with fine local wines, to give the journey a unique flavour

Experiences to live, emotions to taste!

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