Malvasia – Mangiare bene


Bosa is a small town with an excellent culinary tradition.

Fresh products from the sea are the base of every dish from the town, such as the lobsters and eels flavoured with Malvasia, Bosa-style tuna, cooked with laurel, lemon and white wine or S’azzada, a typical Bosa dish that may not appeal to all because of its strong flavour (fish, garlic and vinegar) but is worth a taste to understand the essence of the area.

For people who like to explore local sweets and cakes when on holiday, this area of Sardinia, as in many parts of the island, specialises in pastries based on almond paste, delicacies that combine perfectly with a good glass of Malvasia. However, a typical Bosa dessert is worth remembering – the pasta violata, a fried doughnut covered in sugar, traditionally prepared for the famous Bosa Carnevale.