Malvasia – scoprire la cultura


A small centre like Bosa has a large cultural heritage to discover. The historic neighbourhood of Sa Costa has colourful houses that create a picturesque visual effect – a spectacle that leaves the visitor open-mouthed. Malaspina Castle can be reached walking up the streets crossing the area. It dates to the 12th century and its raised position provides a splendid panorama of the town. Following the course of the River Temo takes the visitor over the characteristic Ponte Vecchio and, after a pleasant walk, the old tanneries are reached. They were part of a well-known centre for the production of very high-quality leather between the mid-19th and early 20th centuries. It’s better to visit the Tanning Museum to find about more about this great, prestigious past.

The Church of the Immaculate Conception, the city cathedral, is not to be missed and is embellished by frescoes of fine workmanship. An admirable cycle of paintings from 1370 is preserved in the Church of Nostra Signora de sos Regnos Altos. Not far from the city centre, the Romanesque church of San Pietro extra muros in Calmedia attracts art lovers. Here, Sa funtana manna, a 19th century monument of red trachyte stands out for its beauty.
There is evidence of very old Nuragic settlements in the same area. A notable nuraghe and giant’s grave has reached us today. There are also finds from the Roman era.