Moscato – attività all’aperto


Hikers and walkers can take the old paths which once connected Logulentu valley and the municipalities of Osilo, Sorso and Sennori. The path forms a ring of 30 km surrounding Sassari and taking the visitor near to the old ‘Barca spring’, a connection point between the Monte Bianchinu area and Logulentu. The path features dense vegetation with holm oaks, sometimes more than 100 years old, and Mediterranean scrub (mastic, cistus, Phyllirea, etc.): an invitation to spend time in the countryside absorbing the scents and admiring the spectacular flora and fauna.

Places not to be missed in the marine paradise par excellence Baratz lake, near Porto Ferro to the north of Alghero. It’s the only natural lake in Sardinia and originated 100,000 years ago, when the level of the sea was higher and covered Capo Ferro creek as far as Baratz.

The lake contains fresh water but its marine origin has been confirmed by fossils found in the dunes separating it from the sea. The coastline of the area has imposing cliffs, wide creeks and delightful little beaches with a typical granite composition surrounded by dense Mediterranean scrub.