Moscato – mangiare bene


The Romangia area has a skilful old culinary tradition. Anyone spending time there can try various local delicacies including Osilo pecorino, a unique product with the typical scent of pecorino but morebuttery and melt-in-the-mouth, with roast hazelnut notes to the palate.

A speciality of Sassari cuisine is the art of preparing snails, from the giogga minuda, light-coloured snails that are cleaned and boiled with water and garlic, to the monzette, large brown snails eaten boiled or removed from the shells and fried in batter.

People with a sweet tooth will find great satisfaction with the sospiri di Ozieri, small almond and sugar balls wrapped in coloured tissue paper, or the copuleta di Ozieri, a soft frosted cake with a sponge centre. The Corona di Oschiri, a ring-shaped cake skilfully created by joining small balls of pasta, fried and covered in caramel, is also tasty.

What’s the best wine to drink with these? Moscato, of course.