Moscato – vivere il mare


Romangia, home of Moscato (Muscatel), is a geographical area of the Logudoro region which, in Sardinian, means ‘golden place’ as it is considered one of the richest areas of Sardinia for history-culture. Between Sassari and Castelsardo, it includes the areas of three municipalities – Sorso, Sennori and Osilo. It is mostly hilly, with gentle slopes dotted with vineyards and olive orchards in the part closest to the sea.

Romangia overlooks the Gulf of Asinara with a long arc of shallow, sandy coast extending from the shore at Platamona through the Sorso Marina and Maritza beach to Punta Tramontana. The beach at Platamona is the pride of the area with its eight kilometres of sand lapped by a transparent sea along the coast of Porto Torres, Sassari and Sorso.

The sand varies in composition along the shore and there is sand with a medium grain, compact, a lighter gold colour in the more easterly part. This becomes paler to the west near to the small dunes covered by bushes of Mediterranean scrub and typical coastal flora, such as sea daffodils. It’s interesting to recall the marvellous pinewood just beyond the beach and pool of the same name in the Platamona natural ecosystem.