Myrsine Liquori


Via Pasteur, 24 – 09041 Dolianova (CA)
+39 070 745038
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Instagram: @myrsineliquori

Established in 2003 and specialised in the production of liqueurs and spirits, the Myrsine company operates by observing the traditional processing techniques and recipes that guarantee its characteristic quality.

The firm boasts several prizes at a national and international level.

Each stage of the production chain is carefully monitored, analysed and certified to ensure a product of extreme quality and traceability. The myrtle liqueur is obtained exclusively from Sardinian berries, which guarantee its full-bodied, perfumed flavour and typical deep purple colour.

The company is present with a sales network throughout Italy, in Germany, Belgium, the USA and Canada.


Harvested acreage: 3.7 hectares
Output: 60,000 bottles
Cultivation: 1 hectare in hill area cultivated with myrtle. Olive trees present
on the property
Liqueurs produced: Myrtle, white Myrtle, Filu ‘e ferru, Filu ‘e ferru ambrato, Amaro Doliense, Limoncino, Liquorice, Melon, Green apple, Banana and Olive-Tree liqueur.