Where it’s cultivated: In recent years, the Nuragus, one of the white wines of Sardinia, has seen a significant reduction in the areas cultivated. The vine is mainly found in the areas in the former provinces of Cagliari and Oristano, with an area under vines of about 2,000 hectares.

Some history: The Nuragus is one of the vines first introduced to Sardinia, by Phoenician sailors, who founded the old city of Nora whose ruins are to the south-west of Cagliari. Its adaptability to all types of soil and its generous production led to its widespread diffusion during the 20th century.

On the market: The Controlled Designation of Origin Nuragus di Cagliari was recognised in 1975.

How to recognise it: Straw yellow with very light greenish tinges, a hint of white flowers, green apples and citrus fruit, flavoursome and pleasantly fresh to the palate.

Kitchen combinations: Perfect with soft cheese, starters, soups and first courses based on fish.

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