Nuragus – mangiare bene


Cagliari and the Campidano are a true Eden for refined palates guided by the desire to taste a good glass of Nuragus combining it with delicious dishes. The local cuisine can surprise even the most expert gourmet. First courses of special interest are the malloreddus alla campidanese (Sardinian gnocchetti with sausage ragout), and mazzamurru or dry bread soup.

The specialities of Cagliari inspired by the sea include the burrida from the Campidano, a dish based on sandy dogfish seasoned with walnuts or cozze a schiscionera (mussels cooked in a pan with garlic, olive oil and parsley and dusted with breadcrumbs), the traditional spaghetti con arselle (spaghetti with wedge clams), Campidano-style lobster and su scabbecciu (fish preserved in a sauté of oil, vinegar and garlic).

To complete lunch with something sweet, why not choose one of the many Sardinian delicacies – pardulas, based on cheese and ricotta, bianchittus, prepared with egg white and sugar, Pan’e Saba, made with flour, raisins, walnuts, pine nuts, almonds and cinnamon. The Candelaus and Pirichittus are among the favourite almond-based cakes and sweets originating in Campidano.
Many of the dishes, from the first courses to the desserts, are often seasoned and flavoured with the valuable Sardinian Saffron with the Protected Designation of Origin marking, whose most suitable areas are in the south of Sardinia.