Su’ Entu Cantine srl


S.P. 48 km 1,8 – 09025 Sanluri (SU)
+39 070 93571206
Facebook e Instagram: cantinasuentu

The Su’entu Cantine winery is situated a few kilometres outside the municipality of Sanluri, a town with a very old farming tradition.

The company was born in 2009 from Salvatore Pilloni’s desire to showcase the picturesque, fertile lands of the Marmilla, an ancient area rich in history and tradition, characterised by climatic conditions that are ideal for the cultivation of the vine, like the wind (su’entu) from which the winery takes its name.

Today Su’entu produces 11 types of wine under the guidance of Valeria, Roberta and Nicola Pilloni.


Area under vines: 36 hectares
Output: 300,000 bottles
Vines cultivated: Bovale, Cannonau, Nasco, Vermentino, Moscato, Merlot, Chardonnay.