Where it’s cultivated: Sardinia the promised land for this vine which, with the Cannonau, are the most typical expression of regional production. Vermentino is cultivated throughout Sardinia, with an overall total of about 4200 hectares.
It is found in soil featuring different environments and cultivation techniques so the wines produced from the Vermentino vine are noted for their strong, individual personalities, indicating the different areas of production.

Some history: Some people believe that it originated in the Iberian Peninsula and others in the land of the Luni, between Liguria and Tuscany. From there, it spread to France and subsequently Corsica from where it reached Gallura in the 18th century, and found its promised land. Today, the vine can be found in various areas of Italy, particularly Liguria and Tuscany.

On the market: Vermentino is used for the production of Vermentino di Gallura
wines (established in 1996) and Vermentino di Sardinia, Alghero Vermentino Frizzante and Cagliari Vermentino DOC wines (recognised in 1988, 1995 and 2011 respectively).

How to recognise it: Vermentino-based wines are pale yellow in colour and may sometimes have golden reflections. They have an intense floral scent which recalls broom and aromatic herbs.

Kitchen combinations: To combine with fish-based dishes such as seafood pasta, soups, risottos and baked fish. Also excellent with seafood starters, crustaceans, mixed fries and small grilled fish.

Un’immersione nel mare turchese e nella mondanità, escursioni nella natura incontaminata, visite ai siti archeologici e tanto altro per vivere appieno il paradiso della Gallura..