Vermentino – attività all’aperto


The landscape of this area is extremely varied – the sea, plain, hills and mountains alternate, giving nature lovers and hikers thrilling experiences, with many inviting paths for trips and to actively live the region. Moving away from the coast, there are granite outcrops and oak and cork woods making the landscape truly unique and fascinating.

Monte Limbara, near the Tempio Pausania, stands out. Here, paths lead to the discovery of woods and streams, until wild places are reached where mouflon and fallow deer can be seen. Various species of birds of prey – buzzards, ospreys and peregrine falcons, can be seen soaring in the air near the Capo Figari promontory, close to Golfo Aranci.

The visitor can choose from various activities in the Maddalena Archipelago National Park – boat trips to beaches of breathtaking beauty, diving to enjoy the incredible colours of the seabed and kayak trips to paddle at the preferred pace and have an experience in the midst of a spectacular environment. The variety of the fauna in the Park is manna for photographers and birdwatchers, who can ‘capture’ some particular seabirds with a glance or the lens – Scopoli’s shearwater, Manx shearwater, the European storm petrel and Audouin’s gull.