Vermentino – scoprire la cultura


The sea and nature are the reasons why many visitors travel to Gallura and the province of Olbia-Tempio. However, to have a holiday full of stimulating experiences, the visitor must go beyond the best-known attractions and look for something new, which always bring unexpected surprises and emotions. The Nuragic complex of Cabu Abbas and Pozzo sacro Sa testa, dating to the 8th-6th centuries BC, just a few kilometres from Olbia and one of the most important archaeological sites in the whole of Sardinia, do just that. The area surrounding Arzachena also offers monuments of great charm, with the Giants’ Graves of Lu Coddhu ‘Ecchiuj and Li Lolghi, the Li Muri necropolis, Malchittu temple and the Ladas dolmen, which have come down to us from the 2nd-3rd centuries BC.

The Galluras Ethnographic Museum, in the village of Luras, is certainly well worth a visit, especially as it offers a meticulous reconstruction of the typical areas of the ancient Gallura civilisation.
People who come to area can’t remain untouched by the charm of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the ‘Hero of the Two Worlds’. When the visitor reaches the island of Caprera, they can not only take an interesting boat trip in transparent water but also visit the house where Garibaldi lived in the last years of his life, now the National Garibaldi Museum, where there is a pathway linked to the human and civil story of the great condottiero.