Vernaccia – in the open Air


Monte Arci Regional Natural Park is the ideal place for anyone who wants to surround themselves with nature and be active with hiking, riding a bike or horse to discover the forests of holm oak and Mediterranean scrub where boars, foxes, wild cats, martens and weasels still live. Visits to the ponds dotting the province of Oristano, wonders for birdwatchers, are particularly interesting. Cabras lake, one of the largest in Italy and perhaps Europe, has a wealth of fauna: ducks, coots, shorebirds, herons, flamingos and waders. If you can’t resist the marvellous plumage of the pink flamingo, then a visit to the Sale Porcus pond is a must.

The Sinis Peninsula – Mal di Ventre Island marine reserve is not only a Site of Community Importance (SCI) and Special Protection Area (SPA) but also paradise for divers or snorkellers, and also fishing tourists, feeling that they’re fishermen for a day accompanied by experts on well-equipped boats.

Starting from Cabras and going towards Peschiera Pontis, there is either a bike path to discover unusual, fascinating landscapes or you can stop and top-up on energy tasting the delicacies of Oristano cuisine.