Vernaccia – Mangiare bene


Moving around in search of a delicious Vernaccia tasting in this area leads to the delights of Oristano cuisine, where land and sea offer a variety of unique ingredients able to enhance local dishes. The fish from Cabras (mullet, bream, bass and eels) are used in various preparations all worth trying but the undisputed crown goes to mullet bottarga (salted, pressed and dried mullet roe), prepared according to a technique inherited from the Phoenicians and to try on spaghetti or a tasty starter to enhance its intense scent. Another mullet-based dish worth a mention is merca, salted mullet wrapped in merca, also known as ‘sa ziba’, typical marsh grass from the pond in Cabras.

A local variety of malloreddus can be tried in this area – semolina pasta gnocchetti. prepared à la Oristano i.e. seasoned with spinach, chard, egg and cream, or a typical pasta from Morgongiori called lorighittas, one of the many traditional agri-food products of Sardinia. There are also inviting cakes and desserts ranging from the mustazzolus, biscuits based on concentrated grape must covered with glacé, to zippole, a typical Carnival speciality of long fritters flavoured with brandy.